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What is it?

HowDidiDo is one of many services created by Club Systems International Ltd (CSI), a software solution provider supporting golf clubs since 1982.

With the new HowDidiDo website coming along, we wanted to further improve user experience, so we decided to simplify access by introducing the HowDidiDo Passport - a brand new authentication system to unify our previous user accounts under one roof. It works independently to our existing services so you don't need any other accounts to start using it today.

Because HowDidiDo Passport is open for 3rd party integration, this means not only will you be able to access selected services from CSI, you will also be able to access new 3rd party websites and services as our partner pool expands in the future.
(Don't worry, you will have complete control over what services you want to access from within your account settings.)

What Services can I Access?


The all new HowDidiDo website uses HowDidiDo Passport for secure authentication.

Club Sites

Club Systems International offers public website solutions for a large number of Clubs nationwide. A number of these sites are already integrated with Passport to offer better user experience.

Look out for...

If you see this logo, it means Passport has been integrated and you can use your Passport account to log in.

Okay, I'm Interested.

For users

If you are already registered, log in and view your settings.
If you are new, then head to the registration page and get your Passport today.

For providers

If you're interested to get your site integrated with Passport and you would like us to work with you, contact us through our existing page.

For developers

Tech-minded? We have the right page for you, too! Check out our documentation to understand the API Passport offers.

What else do I need to know?

Be sure to read our terms and conditions, which is available here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.